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Equine eye protection

PROTECTIVE PET SOLUTIONS - Protective Pet Solutions

Protective Pet Solutions is a company founded on the principal and passion to provide new, necessary and innovative products designed to protect and safeguard the quality of your 'best friend's' life!

Sun Protection for Horses, Fly Mask and eye savers in ...

We offer holes drilled in our hard black opaque eye cups with the eye protection savers. We drill holes all the way around the perimeter about 3/8 of an inch with more around the center and a slightly larger hole at center. If you'd like them drilled differently please mention that in comments during checkout or give us a call at 770-990-8487.

Equine Sun Visor - EquiTek - Equine Fly Mask

UV protective horse fly mask. Protects eyes and face, supports treatment for uveitis, conjuntivitis, eye cancers, head shakers, and trigeminal neuralgia. Protects against dust, debris, flies & insects. Proven protection and comfort for your horse.

Equine Sun Visor by Dandy Products - Info Horse

Is It True That The Equine Sun Visor Offers 75% UV Ray Protection? The Equine Sun Visor is made from quality domestic materials providing a minimum 75% UV protection rating. The sun visor provides additional protection by layering fabrics and increasing the protective block over and around the eye

Nag Horse Ranch Sun protection,UV proof horse shade, horse ...

Equine Uv Protection, Uv Fly Mask, Equine Eye Savers ... Welcome to Nag Horse Ranch's online store. Use the category links on the sidebar to start shopping.

Kensington Protective Products - Horse Accessories, Equine ...

Since 1964 Kensington Protective Products has specialized in Horse Accessories, providing Equine Protection Products and Horse Turnout Blankets, Fly Masks, Fly Boots and more. Huge selection at

Dan - Third Eyelid Removal Burwash Equine Services

In horses, the third eyelid is prone to developing squamous cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common tumour in horses, and it is the most common tumour in the equine eye. It develops most commonly on areas lacking pigmentation,

Product Review: FOXPRO Equine Eye Protection HORSE NATION

About a month ago, I happened across a really strange looking yet kind of ingenious product called FOXPRO Equine Eye Protection. At first glance, the goggles look like something out of a sci-fi dystopian western just imagine the Cosplay opportunities. I will be testing this innovative

Equine Eye Protection Bliss Animal Eye Care

Meet Bling! He is a Palomino Quarter Horse that has undergone two corneal surgeries to repair his cornea (clear outer part of his eye). He is pictured here with his special eye protection - Eye Saver. There are many options for eye protection after surgery, and often a

Horse Hoods, Eye Savers and Shoulder Guards Equine ...

Horse Hoods, Eye Savers and Shoulder Guards. Horse hoods are ideal for use the night before a show or just to keep your horse clean and tidy whilst in the stable, making the horse hood is

FoxPro Equine Eye Protection UV innoHorse GmbH

Equine eye protection goggles protect horses from UV rays and injuries; snug fit and anatomical design.

Equine Sun Visor - Home, Equine UV Protection, Horse UV ...

Its patented design provides proven eye protection against harmful UV rays from the sun. Any horse with blue eyes, little pigment or pink skin will benefit immediately from

Equine Eye Protection LinkedIn

Meet Bling! He is a Palomino Quarter Horse that has undergone two corneal surgeries to repair his cornea (clear outer part of his eye). He is pictured here with his special eye protection - Eye Saver.

Guardian Mask - Uveitis, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Eye Cancer ...

Guardian Mask Copyright © 1998-2010 All Rights Reserved : 07/17/2010 : Site Created by Lunar Phase Web Designs AKA Star Equines

EQUIVET Eye Protector Kit, left eye, large (230784 ...

The EQUIVET Eye Protector features the exclusive equine "Eye Patch". EQUIVET Eye Protector effectively closes the horse´s eye for maximum pain relief while allowing for constant monitoring of the injury or problem.

Equivizor Special Protection Range - PROVIZOR ...

The Equivizor Multipurpose Helmet (also known as the Ophthalmology and Anesthesia) is the heavy weight champ of head and eye protection. It can be used after eye surgery as it provides full head protection post anesthesia.

Equine-Medi Lens Camden Horse Eye Protector

The new Equine-Medi Lens Eye Protector was designed for all eye problems such as corneal ulcers, post surgery care and for use on any other problems around the eye such as lacerated eye lids or other lid problems that need protection throughout the treatment and healing process.

Fly Mask with Special Eye Protection? - Chronicle Forums

you may also want to talk to your vet or if you have a equine hospital close by. when my haffie had to have eye surgery, they put this mask on him that was more physical protection over the eye. they may have some ideas for you

Eye Protection on Schneider Saddlery

Eye Protection Dura-Tech Blinker Hood Helps keep horses focused and to provide eye protection * Soft nylon hood fits over head, ears and poll comfortably * Velcro strap closure fastens securely under the jowl * Half vinyl cup eliminates distractions and anxiety * Perfect for use in cases of eye injuries to prevent rubbing * One size

Protective Pet Solutions Product Reviews and Testimonials

Originating in New Zealand, I believe they started their company making eye protection visors for horses, so they have a rather large equine selection. They also have a terrific visor called the Novaguard which provides superior wound and licking protection.

Common Equine Eye Complaints - Equilibrium Products Ltd

The equine eye. The eyes of the horse are located laterally (either side) of the skull which maximizes the horses field of vision. The equine eye is a very delicate structure and in comparison to other species, does not tolerate injury or disease at all well.

Horse Sun Protection & Equine Eye Saver in Kingston, GA ...

Horse shades protect horses from sun damage. These horse shades are UV proof for eye protection, nose or full face protection. Call now for more info!

Equine Eye Care - HorseDialog

Special protection. The horse, like a number of other animals, has a special protective structure for its eyes in the form of a third eyelid. This membrane can automatically move over the eye from the inside corner to the outside corner to help shield the eye from potential trauma. Four common equine eye problems. Eyelid damage is common and prompt surgical repair is imperative to prevent a ...

The Equine Eye - Expert advice on horse care and horse riding

The front surface, visible from the outside, is the cornea which is a clear window which allows light into the interior of the eye. Behind the cornea is the iris which dilates and contracts according to the lighting conditions. The equine iris has a modification at the upper edge -- corpora negra

Horse Hoods, Eye Savers & Neck Warmers Horse Supplies

A heavy-duty zipper, seamless face design with generous eye and ear holes and wide-band satin elastic around the muzzle provide a comfortable, chafe-free fit. High quality 4-way stretch nylon Lycra and an adjustable elastic girth with a durable contoured buckle allow for easy on and off. Easy care: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Made in the USA.

US4581877A - Equine protective eye covering - Google Patents

A hood (20) having a pair of ear openings (22) and eye openings (24) configured to fit the contour of an animals head. A selected eye opening (24) has a semi-rigid ball cup (34) permanently attached on the outside with a removable fabric ring (36) on the inside.

Guardian Horse Mask

Welcome to Guardian Horse Mask! After 25 years, we are still hand manufacturing the ultimate solution to help horses suffering with the eye conditions such as uveitis (ERU), headshaking, glaucoma, eye cancer, cataracts and eye injuries.

Equine Tagged "eye protection" - VPSI - Vet Poultry

All equine and horse products carried by Vet Poultry. Equine wound care, nutrition and supplements. Fly control sprays, and fly masks. Dewormers and health. Tagged ...

FoxPro: Equine Eye Protection - Home Facebook

Goggles for horses -- hear us out on this one. Amanda Uechi Ronan reviews the FoxPro: Equine Eye Protection with application for polo as well as any horse for trail riding, trailering, racing and more.

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