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Ballistic Helmets Chase Tactical

Ballistic Helmets Chase Tactical offers a wide range of Helmet styles, shapes, and configurations for use by Military and Law Enforcement throughout the world. Our helmets are designed to be high performing while ensuring a lightweight solution for our customers.

Body Armor & Ballistic Products - Ambitec Inc Body Armor ...

BUMP HELMETS. CONCEALABLE BALLISTIC VESTS. NIGHT VISION MOUNTS. PLATE CARRIERS. RIFLE PROTECTION BALLISTIC INSERTS. RIOT GEAR. TACTICAL BALLISTIC VESTS. Ambitec designs and distributes the best BODY ARMOR & BALLISTIC SECURITY solutions to to governmental agencies, including the military, the private sector and industrial companies. We only distribute top

3M - 2/3 - Soldier Systems Daily

Shown here on the Ballistic Bump Helmet (which meets SOCOM helmet performance) the new Rail fits their boltless helmets. While it is a bolt less design, it doesnt connect to the helmet

Best Tactical Helmets [2018]: Bump & Ballistic - Pew Pew ...

Looking to protect your noggin? We cover how to choose the perfect tactical helmet for your needs, from bump to ballistic and affordable to top-of-the-line.

Ops Core XP Ballistic Helmet -The Firearm Blog

Ballistic Vs. Bump Helmets. For many a ballistic helmet is a large expenditure and while they want to run night vision or have a level of head protection, an MSRP of $1380 can create a cost barrier.

DLP Tactical ImpaX Extreme Bump Helmet

Protect your skull from knocks and bangs with the ImpaX Extreme bump helmet from DLP Tactical. Cut in the familiar MICH / ACH Advanced Combat Helmet pattern, zero transition time is needed between the ImpaX Extreme bump helmet and the heavier ballistic equivalents.

Tactical, Bump & Rescue Helmets, EXFIL Helmet Accessories ...

From ballistic protection to blunt impact mitigation; in the trenches, on the water or atop the mountain; Team Wendy® has a purpose-built helmet for your mission.

Our Products - Helmet Systems, Capability Upgrades ...

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Chase Tactical Bump Helmet, Non Ballistic

Chase Tactical Bump Helmet (Non Ballistic) Features: Lightweight Design/Non Ballistic Upper dovetail accessory rail for mounting devices such as low-profile lights and helmet cams Lower dovetail accessory rail for mounting communication headsets, battery pack, and other accessories Top and side strips of loop for attaching hook sided devices ...

3M Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet N49 3M ...

3M Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmets N49 (ULW-BBH N49) are the first multi-use helmets for bump, jump and ballistic operational requirements. Engineered to provide outstanding head protection, 3M Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmets (ULW-BBH) are the first multi-use helmet

Ops-Core FAST Bump High Cut Helmet. Includes Helmet Bag

FAST Bump (Formally FAST Base Jump) The FAST Bump Helmet is designed for less extreme environments where exposure to great blunt-trauma forces is limited or non-existent, or where the primary need is for integration of mission configured components.

View Our Entire Line of Ballistic, Bump & Rescue Helmets ...

Our complete line of helmets includes ballistic combat helmets, tactical bump helmets, rescue helmets and ski SAR helmets. All Team Wendy helmets feature full accessory mounting capabilities.

Best Tactical Helmets [2018]: Bump & Ballistic - Pew Pew ...

Ballistic helmets are often several times more expensive than bump helmets, a lot of extra money to spend on something thats not a high priority.

Ops-Core FAST Bump High Cut Helmet. Includes Helmet Bag

Ops-Core FAST Bump High Cut Helmet. High cut shell, made of Lexan, the Bump is designed for less extreme environments. Includes a molded front NVG mount.

Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet by ... - MOD Armory

Product Description Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet by 3M ULW-BBH N49 Made by Ceradyne, a 3M company, using advanced light weight ballistic fiber materials.

CAIMAN Hybrid Carbon BUMP Helmet System - Own the Night

Description. The Caiman Hybrid Helmet System CARBON BUMP TO BALLISTIC HELMET SYSTEM. THE CAIMAN HYBRID HELMET SYSTEM is a streamlined, lightweight next-generation Special Operations helmet solution.

OPS-Core - Gentex

Designed to seamlessly integrate, our comprehensive suite of modular, scalable, open architecture helmet systems provide todays elite defense, law enforcement, and ...

Helmets - 18/58 - Soldier Systems Daily

D3O partner 3M, has launched the 3M Combat Ballistic Helmets and 3M Combat High Cut Ballistic Helmets featuring D3O® technology. Using D3O® advanced materials, the new helmet range is designed to provide a high level of protection against both ballistic penetration and fragmentation.

Ops Core XP Ballistic Helmet -The Firearm Blog

Ops Core. Ops Core has long been known for their bump and ballistic helmets and was gracious enough to send me an XP Ballistic Fast Helmet for review.

bump helmet eBay

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Helmets - Tactical Headset Solutions

Ballistic Helmets; Bump Helmets; Cameras; Recent Reviews. MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X/L hearing protection headset with Leather Headband. Well worth the price..

Ballistic Helmets, Bump Helmets Night Fighter Tactical

Ops-Core. Gentex, Ops-Core, ALPHA, Cromwell, and PureFlo helmet systems provide global defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel operating in high performance environments the highest level of protection and advanced capabilities.

Helmets Ballistic Helmets Bump Helmets Training Helmet

The Bravo BJ Helmet is the newest helmet design for training. It is very lightweight, and provides great ventaliation. The Bravo BJ Helmet comes with an integrated military style Head-Lock Chinstrap, which can be adjusted in 5 different locations.

Hard Head Veterans - Ballistic Helmets & Tactical Helmet ...

Home Of The ATE Ballistic Helmet. Looking for the BEST tactical helmet and gear? We've got you covered with our high cut ballistic helmets or MICH style helmets. Our ...

Ops-Core Helmets and Accessories

Ops-Core FAST MT-C High Cut Ballistic Helmet Pre-Order (R) Regular price: $1,560.00 Sale! $844.99: Unity Tactical MARK Kit - Ops-Core ARC Rail Model

Helmets - Shop All Head Systems - Revision Military

Revision Adds New Bump Helmet System Helmet to Caiman Family. Revision's new Batlskin Caiman Bump helmet is built on an advanced reinforced polymer shell and is designed for the rigors of maritime and mobile maneuvers.

Ballistic Helmets for Combat and Law Enforcement 3M ...

The 3M Ballistic Helmet F70 is flexible for use in multiple threat environments. The F70 is an integrated and configurable helmet designed for broad use from military combat missions, special forces operations and law enforcement tactical operations.

3M Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet N49

User Manual 3M Ultra Light Weight Ballistic Bump Helmet N49 2 Important Safety Information Please read, understand, and follow all safety information contained

How to correctly size an Ops Core Helmet Cover - Agilite

Sizing a military helmet cover remotely can be difficult but sizing an Ops Core helmet cover can be even more tricky and confusing for several reasons. Firstly, the sizing system for Ops Core ballistic helmets is not the same as the sizing for Ops Core bump helmet so you can't use a polymer helmet cover on a bump hel

The 10 Best Tactical Helmets of 2018 - Tactical Gear Hut

Best Tactical Helmets 2018. In bringing you our choices for the best tactical helmets, weve broken them out into three categories, BUMP helmet, ballistic helmet ...

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